When Technologies Meet Entrepreneurs

When Technolgies Meet Entrepreneurs
Date and Time
28 & 29 April 2020, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
HKUST Entrepreneurship Center and Technology Transfer Center
via Zoom or at Room 3616 (Lift 29/30)



When Technologies Meet Entrepreneurs

We bring together faculty technologies with student entrepreneurship development

Sessions #1&2  |  28, 29 April 2020  |  2:30 pm – 4 pm  |  via Zoom or at Room 3616 (Lift 29/30)

Faculty members are cordially invited to give a 15-minute presentation about your technologies and select students who are passionate about exploring technology entrepreneurship opportunities. Sign up and show up! Click here

Student entrepreneurs are invited to sign up and show up! Click here


1. Who should take part?

  • Faculty members of any discipline who wish to:
    > commercialize their research outputs developed or being developed and
    > invite passionate, capable and entrepeneurial students to form startup teams
  • Students of any discipline - undergraduates/ postgraduates (taught/ research)- who wish to:
    > explore business and entrepreneurial possibilities to merge faculty research with new or existing entrepreneurial development and
    > partner with faculty/ research teams for commercializing faculty's research outputs. 


2. How does it work and What are the takeaways?

  • Technology introduction sessions (online at Zoom or at Room 3616 (Lift 29/30)):
    • Faculty members to introduce your research output(s)/ project(s) to students to inspire potential entrepreneurship developments:
      > Session A: 28 April 2020, Tuesday, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
      > Session B: 29 April 2020, Wednesday, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
    • Students to explore entrepreneurship potentials of faculty's research outcome(s) and technopreneurship collaboration possibilities
    • Faculty members who have successfully teamed up with students for technopreneurship development will receive a Technopreneurship Award of up to HK$20,000:
      • HK$20,000 for teaming up with 6 or more students
      • HK$10,000 for teaming up with 1 to 5 students
    • Students who have successfully teamed up with a faculty member or technopreneurship development will have access to the valuable research outcomes developed by HKUST faculty
    • Both the faculty and students will:
      • also have access to the financial resources and other support provided by Technology Transfer Center (TTC)and Entrepreneurship Center (EC) to facilitate their technopreneurship development and growth
      • join "Technopreneurship Club" - a community composed of  technopreneurs who share useful information and experience and team up for different tech-based entrepreneurship development


3. Details: Click here to check more details, including the presentation schedule and topics in both sessions.


4. Enquiry

  • Faculty members may contact Mr. Samuel Wong at ttsamuel@ust.hk or (852) 2358 5032.
  • Students may contact Miss Ivy Wong at ecivywong@ust.hk or (852) 2358 7901.

Jointly organized by Entrepreneurship Center and Technology Transfer Center