Mobile Application Developer

Company Name
Gense Technologies

Company information:

Hand gesture recognition smartwatch with applications in sign language translation, VR/ AR gaming, smart home control, and medical diagnostic

Work Hours:


Job Requirements:

•    Experience in mobile application development
•    Proficient in C / C++ / Python
•    Experience in web design 
•    Experience in data visualization
•    Creative thinking and ability to lead their own project
•    Demonstrate problem solving skills through innovation, hypothesizing, design and implementation analytically and quantitatively.
•    Team player with a passion for cutting edge technology

Job Summary and Responsibilities:
This role will focus on the software and mobile development of our next-generation gesture recognition system that is based on our patented biosensing technology, and inertial measurement units (IMU). Successful applicant will lead the software development of applications on smartphone and smart home control, and will enjoy the liberty to drive the creative process in your own direction.



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