Marketing Coordinator OR Business Development Coordinator (Part-time)

Internship and Part-time
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Company Description

EntrepreLearn is a brand-new Hong Kong based start-up with a presence in Seoul that is seeking to change the nature of education by developing exciting courses on entrepreneurship featuring successful, innovative companies. So far, we have partnered with a virtual reality company, Shadow Factory, and Ergon, a data analytics company. We are in the process of securing an exciting array of additional partnerships with robotics companies, incubators, e-commerce companies and more.

Our partners thus far:

  • Shadow Factory (partners and clients include JP Morgan Chase, Singapore Airlines, Audi, PwC, HSBC etc.)
  • Ergon

We are also conducting a wide range of interviews with prominent entrepreneurs and industry leaders. For example, we recently interviewed Raoul Pal of Real Vision Finance, he used to work for Goldman Sachs before creating the largest new media companies in the world. You will have the opportunity to network with and interview such individuals. You will need to actively partake in brainstorming and executing our social media strategy. The end goal is to create a multifaceted media and learning brand that will capture a piece of the growing e-learning industry, which is projected to triple in value, reaching USD 374 billion) between now and 2026.


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Job Requirement

  • We are looking for an enthusiastic individual who is passionate about entrepreneurship.
  • You must be self-motivated and capable of taking ownership of tasks.
  • You will be working on many different elements of the business including partnership building, networking, content creation, research

Experience with any of the following is important:

  • SEO strategy and content marketing
  • Partnership building
  • Presenting and pitching
  • Video production/editing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design/editing


Working Hours




5% Equity in the company (looking for someone who will treat this company as their own)


Application Method

Email OR call 95451103