Machine Learning / AI Developer

Internship and Part-time
Company Name
Imago Software Limited

Company information:

IMAGO is an exciting startup for anyone who wants to work on AI technologies and makes a positive impact to the world.  We aim to deliver top-notch user experience on AI software, narrowing the communication gap between human and robot.  Our AI gears are ranked among industry’s top standard.

•Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Natural Language Processing (NLP)
•Cloud technologies (Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix...)
•Linguistics specialized and Neuron Network driven
•Startup with flat hierarchy, no corporate BS

We hire candidates from all disciplines including arts, business and technical.  We welcome anyone who is a self-starter, responsible, and enjoy fast-paced work style. 


Work Hours:

Full-time / Part-time

Job Requirements:

- Research in the areas of natural language processing, linguistics, artificial intelligence, mathematical modeling, etc.
- Develop prototype level programming module to validate research theory / demo concept. 
- Produce documentation related to software design, implement, testing and deployment
- Work closely with customers to collect feedback so the product can be improved
- Demonstrate product and pitch future concepts to customers and partners in the industry

Job Requirements:
- Passionate on Artificial Intelligence
- Energetic and able to learn quickly
- Experienced in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, C#, SQL
- Knowledgeable in Node.js, Python, C#, ASP.NET
- Knowledgeable in PyTorch would be a BIG plus but not required
- Knowledgeable in NLP (LUIS, Watson, would be a plus but not required
- Good mathematics skills
- Capable and enjoy explaining technical detail to laymen or to those who are less knowledgeable (teammates, customers)
- Less experience will be considered as Researcher / Developer, and will have opportunity to learn on the job.



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