Growth marketing intern

Internship and Part-time
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Company information:

Remo is a video-first virtual workspace for remote and distributed teams that fosters real-time collaboration and strengthens company culture. Our mission is to make remote working an awesome experience that allows people to develop deep and meaningful relationships where it is difficult to meet face to face. We believe in the advent of remote working, and our vision is to make that experience accessible and as human for everyone, so everyone can participate in the digital economy.

Work Hours:

40 hours per week

Job Requirements:

What you will learn
* Apprenticeship-based internship meaning you can learn as much as you want from me, if you have motivation you will learn more in 1 month than 3 years at a normal office!
* Seated right next to CEO and will get one-on-one mentorship
* Learn how to do growth hacking (a skill set every large corp and startup will pay big bucks for)

What you will do
* Ground-floor opportunity to work with a seasoned CEO to develop new marketing strategies for growth
* Promote through social and online channels
* Organize online events
* Create and deploy Google Adwords, FB ads, landing pages, and email sequences

What you need to succeed
* Must have amazing written English
* Must be independent, have common sense, and crazy proactive
* Loves marketing and experimentation
* Is passionate about doing something in your own time (e.g., write a blog, exercise) and can demonstrate that

• Learn about our company culture here (this is the mother company):


HK$ 3,000 per month

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