Electronics Engineer

Company Name
Scooter Technology

Company information:

Scooter Technology aims at the mass adoption of portable electric kick scooters (e-scooters) and making urban transport faster, easier, cheaper and greener. The project has graduated from pre-incubation by ASTRI, joined incubation by Science Park, received funding from the government, and won awards in HK International Invention and Entrepreneurship Exhibition, Qianhai Shenzhen-HK Innovative Start-Ups Competition, China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, etc.

Work Hours:

40 hours per week

Job Requirements:

Integration of powertrain from battery, controller to motor Development of smart IOT electronics Modification, soldering, wiring, measurement, testing of the system Design, sourcing and documentation Other relevant duties


HK$ 18000~32000

Application Method:

Please send your email to borisyim@gmail.com

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