Data Analyst

Internship and Part-time
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• You will need to be someone that thrives in a very fluid environment, eager to roll up your sleeves to DIY and regularly work outside of your comfort zone. 
• You are obsessed with growth and bottom lines and you are ready to disrupt your old ways of working and work in a lean startup environment.
• You possess excellent analytical skills and are obsessed with numbers

 -  Working closely with the R&D team on user segmentation and analysis and be able to pin point recommendations to improve app experience
- Lead in-app messages analysis and provide actionable items to enhance users engagement
- Create algorithm to predict user behaviour and provide users with health insights 
• Able to master SQL and Python
• Tech-Savvy and love mathematics and data
• Working part time with us but yet one day eager to turn into a Lead Data Scientist role in the company

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More about Ozmo and Groking Lab
Ozmo is Groking Lab’s first project and is a smart cup and app that work together which monitors and reports on the user's daily water and coffee intake informing the user on their beverage consumption and hydration levels. 

Ozmo accommodates to your needs wherever you are, at home, work and even on the go. Ozmo aims to inspire people to be healthier by taking control of their water and coffee intake everyday. We give them simple, intuitive tools to be more aware of their drinking behaviors to encourage a well-sustained lifestyle.

Groking Lab is a tech start-up focusing on empowering people to take the initiative in leading a well-balanced lifestyle. Founded by a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs who are fond of connected devices. Groking Lab was established in Hong Kong this year and is currently a sister company of the innovative design house, Wings Product Workshop.

Stay tuned with us for updates on our product,

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