App Developer Intern

Internship and Part-time
Company Name


Startup Description:
VOID is a single-channel platform to provide hypnotherapy treatment. Through single-channel command, VOID can help people connect with their subconscious. Base on the knowledge of hypnosis, unlike traditional meditation platform, VOID is a multi-functional and self-helping application to let people have hypnotherapy treatment at anywhere and anytime even in just 10 minutes. 

1. Build application on Android or iOS (Best with both side knowledge)
2. Communicate with cross-functional member on UI/UX and distribution features.
3. Prototyping testing
4. Experience working with iOS and Android frameworks.
5. Welcome to students with CS backgrounds and will offer long term partnership if appropriate.

Job Period: From Dec 1, 2016
Working Hour: 10 - 20 hours
Salary:  $ 35 - $ 60 per hour 

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