Startup Positions




Company Name Title Post Date
Monaco Internship and Graduate programme 2018-03-29
Tofugear Limited Software Engineer(Backend) 2018-03-29
Tofugear Limited Software Engineer(mobile) 2018-03-29
Tofugear Limited Software Engineer(Frontend) 2018-03-29
士多 PHP Programmer / Mobile App (iOS / Android) Developer 2018-03-29
士多 Assistant Buyer/Assistant Merchandiser 2018-03-29
士多 Project Officer (Part-Time) 2018-03-29
EONIQ (HK) LIMITED Software Engineer 2018-03-29
CardApp Limited Internship - Project Management Scheme 2018-03-29
CardApp Limited Internship - Business Development Scheme 2018-03-29
CardApp Limited Internship - Technology Development Scheme 2018-03-28
XGD Media Limited Management Trainee (Video) or Part Time Associate (Video) 2018-03-28
Shenzhen Luoyu Cloudtech software engineer 2018-03-27
QWeUs Business Development / Marketing 2018-03-23
QWeUs Business Intelligence (BI) Developer 2018-03-23
QWeUs Mobile Game Developer 2018-03-23
QWeUs Programmer 2018-03-23
Luxe Surveyor Ltd Mobile Application Developers 2018-03-20
Luxe Surveyor Ltd Intern Mobile App Dev 2018-03-20
Luxe Surveyor Ltd Senior Web Full Stack Developer 2018-03-20
Origami Labs Head of Applications & Software 2018-03-20
Origami Labs Hardware Engineer, Wearable Devices 2018-03-20
CompareAsia Group Limited Communications and CRM Executive 2018-03-20
CompareAsia Group Limited Full-Stack Developer 2018-03-20
CompareAsia Group Limited Data Scientist 2018-03-20
Void iOS developer 2018-03-20
Inter Cultural Education (ICE) Business Development Intern 2018-03-16
Inter Cultural Education (ICE) Project Management Internship 2018-03-16
Inter Cultural Education (ICE) Product Development (China Market) Intern 2018-03-16
Coulla Limited Customer Services 2018-03-14