Startup Positions




Company Name Title Post Date
ePropulsion Innovation Research and Development - Mechanical Engineer 2021-12-09
ePropulsion Innovation Research and Development - Robotics Engineer 2021-12-09
ePropulsion Digital Marketing and Planning Manager 2021-12-09
CREAITE AI/ NLP Data Scientist 2021-11-17
CREAITE Fullstack developer 2021-11-17
SOCIF Limited Hardware Engineer 2021-11-17
SOCIF Limited Software Engineer 2021-11-17
SOCIF Limited AI Engineer 2021-11-17
CellEdge Networks Chief Scientist 2021-11-17
ExamPal Limited Technology Director 2021-11-17
RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited 3D Computer Vision Engineer 2021-09-13
SOCIF LIMTIED AI Engineer (Full-time) 2021-03-29
SOCIF LIMITED Product Engineer (Full-time) 2021-03-29
SOCIF Limited    Software Engineer           2020-09-09
GoByBus System and Web Developer 2020-07-09
FreightAmigo Services Limited Web & App Developer 2020-07-02
Brandnographer Growth Hacker 2020-06-24
SOCIF LIMITED Software Engineer 2020-05-25
SOCIF LIMITED Cloud Software Engineer 2020-05-25
Neufast Group Private Limited Web Development Intern 2020-04-21
neat Software Engineer 2020-04-19
neat QA Engineer 2020-04-19
Yimian 大數據測試工程師 2020-04-19
Yimian Python 工程師(數據平臺方向) 2020-04-19
Yimian Python爬蟲工程師 2020-04-19
Yimian 數據科學家 2020-04-19
SenseTime Group Limited Pre-Sales Engineer 2020-04-17
SenseTime Group Limited Researcher 2020-04-17
Pantheon Lab Limited Frontend Developer 2020-04-16
Pantheon Lab Limited Senior Backend Developer 2020-04-16