HKUST Techstyle Startup Sharing marks the end of the Winter Residency in the Mills Fabrica

HKUST Techstyle Startup Sharing marks the end of the Winter Residency in the Mills Fabrica

[8 Mar, 2019]

The HKUST Techstyle Startup Sharing - Aroma Meditation in The Mills was held on 1 Mar 2019 to mark the ending of HKUST startups Void and Aromeo in the Winter Residency in The Mills Fabrica. Void and Aromeo are HKUST startup awardees of HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2018, in which the Mills Fabrica was one of the sponsors. They were offered a 4-8 week residency at Fabrica's co-working space to sharpen their business models and to refine existing product prototypes to be ready for market.

Under the sweet smelling of the aroma from the Aromeo Diffuser, the two startups shared their entrepreneurial journey and how they further develop their startups during the Winter Residency. Participants had the opportunity to learn from their experience on how to develop their projects and startups. They jointly held a Meditation X Aroma Exercise so as to provide a first-hand experience of their product and service.

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Sharing from Aromeo 

“Thanks to the support of HKUST Entrepreneurship Center and the Mills, we have this opportunity of residency this winter in the Mills Fabrica to further develop our product and reach out to different people by organizing workshop like today,” said Hercules, Founder of VOID. 


Meditation X Aroma Exercise

The Mills, Nan Fung Group’s landmark revitalization project transforming its former textile factories into a new destination for heritage and innovation, is composed of 3 pillars:

  1. Fabrica - A business incubator, fund and space/lab/store for techstyle startups and strategic partners – companies at the intersection of technology and style
  2. Shopfloor – experiential retail; an expression of Hong Kong’s evolving character
  3. CHAT (Center for Heritage, Arts and Textile) – non - profit art center interweaving textile arts, history and science

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Void (left three and four) and Aromeo (right four) receiving certificate of the Winter Residency in The Mills Fabrica


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