HKUST students are representing HKSAR and China for the international competition "Global Grand Challenges Summit, Washington DC., 2017”

Global Grand Challenges Summit, Washington, "2017 - students’ Day Competition" (Final Result)

[Mar 13, 2017]

Under the coaching of Mr. Donny Siu (Associate Director of HKUST Entrepreneurship Center and Student Affairs Office), HKUST students are representing HKSAR to compete with international students in the "2017 Global Grand Challenges Summit- Student Day”. The team, composed of students from School of Engineering, School of Business and School of Science, is the champion of a local competition with competitors from other sister institutions in Hong Kong. They will represent HKSAR and China in the international competition to be held in Washington DC in July. “It will be an eye opening experience for the HKUST students who will not only compete with top entrepreneurial students from the United States, United Kingdom and People Republic of China, but also a golden opportunity for students with different backgrounds, interests and knowledges to work together for an international competition.” Say Mr. Donny Siu.

The HKUST team members:
- Mr. RAVIND Sidharth, PHYS Year 3
- Ms SINGH Shrey, ELEC, Year 4
- LEUNG Darian, ELEC, Year 4
- Mr. CHAN Mun-Kit, ISOM, Year 3
- Mr. POON Tsz-Kiu, GBUS, Year 2
- Ms CHEN Yuk-Pui, MGMT, Year 2