HKUST Startup MamaHelpers won Two Awards in Challenge Cup Hong Kong Regional Final

HKUST Startup MamaHelpers won Two Awards in Challenge Cup Hong Kong Regional Final

Congratulations to MamaHelpers Technology Limited, a startup founded by some HKUST students, which has won the awards of "Entrepreneurship Proposal Grand Award(1st Place)" & "Startup 1st Place Award" in the "Challenge Cup" Hong Kong Regional Final, Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2018. 

The Challenge Cup is known as the Olympics of Chinese Youth Innovation and Technology and the first platform to create youth entrepreneurship. Each session has attracted more than 2,000 colleges and universities from different provinces and cities to participate, including more than 2 million university students participated. MamaHelpers performed excellently in the Regional Final and was awarded the 'Entrepreneurship Proposal Grand Award(1st Place)' as well as the "Startup 1st Place Award"

MamaHelpers Limited is the largest and fastest-growing global network gathering foreign domestic helpers, employers and agencies. The startup aims at presenting a professional image for everyone involved by building up trust and transparency in the foreign domestic helpers industry. They also use technology to support a one-stop solution, making the entire hiring process easy, hassle-free and efficient for employers. In addition to their awards received from the 'Challenge Cup' , MamaHelpers also received the 'Nan Fung Social Innovation Prize' in the 'HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2018'. They were also coached by the staff of Entrepreneurship Center and were the recipient of the 'Yeung Wing Yee Entrepreneurship Fund'.

"People are not born to be extraordinary, they choose to be, by constantly making chains of tough choices." said Amanda So Tsz Yan, currently a MPHil student in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TLE) and the COO of MamaHelpers. She is also very grateful to HKUST for being a great place to nurture startups like MamaHelpers. The Entrepreneurship Center is proud of their journey and wish them success in the future. 

For more information about MamaHelpers Technologies Limited, please visit their official website.


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