Congratulations to our HKUST Award Winners in the 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

HKNGCA 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Our HKUST start-up teams shined again in the 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (第七屆 「香港大學生創新及創業大賽」) jointly organized by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association (香港新一代文化協會) and Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation in May 2021. 

Every year, the HKUST Entrepreneurship Center (EC) encourages and supports start-up teams to take part in this prominent regional competition, of which selected winning teams will represent Hong Kong in the widely recognized national innovation and entrepreneurship competitions for tertiary students, namely the China College Students’ “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest.

For the regional competition in Hong Kong this year, 608 participants from 19 different institutions submitted 201 entries in the following tracks:

  • Innovation – Life Sciences
  • Innovation – Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering
  • Innovation – Information Technology
  • Innovation – Mathematics and Physics / Mechanic and Control Systems
  • Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship Proposal
  • Entrepreneurship – Startup 
  • Entrepreneurship – Social Enterprise / Culture & Creative Services

Among the submissions also included some of our technopreneurship projects – the outcome of integration of university technology with student entrepreneurship. For instance, the Multifunctional Polyethylene NanoMembrane – GP Nano (多孔超強度超高分子量聚乙烯納米薄膜), first prize winner of the Entrepreneurship Proposal track, was founded by the student team led by Prof. GAO Ping (Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Acting Head of the Advanced Materials Thrust at HKUST(GZ)) who has spent over 10 years in developing the world’s strongest polymer nanomembrane which can be used in wearable devices, medical protection, electronics and many cutting-edge technologies. 

In addition to this team’s achievement, our other HKUST start-up teams below have also scooped the following awards in the competition:



Project Name

Participant Name(s)

Innovation – Information Technology

First Prize

Deep Learning Technology for Dyslexia

Fung Ka Yan

Innovation – Life Sciences

Merit Award

Approach to Assist Traditional Human Trial by Stem Cells Testing in Vaccine Development

Lau Wa Wai Veronica, 

Cheng Choi Tung, 

Lai Wing Hei

Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship Proposal

First Prize

Multifunctional Polyethylene NanoMembrane – GP Nano

Gu Qiao, 

Li Yuhe, 

Chen Kexin, 

Xiao Yicong 

Third Prize


Lee Hin Lam, 

Choi Pui Ki, 

Tsang Cheuk Ying, 

Lo Suet Ching, 

Lo Sonia Wing Fung 

Entrepreneurship – Startup 

First Prize

Smart Temperature Screening Solution

Wong Kwan Long, 

Chin Jing Wei, 

Chong Kelly Yan Yee, 

Chan Tsz Tai Teric, 

Prof. So Hau Yue Richard 

Second Prize


Li Chin, 

Yeung Wing Ching Vinnci, 

Wang Xinqi 

Merit Award

TEE.AI- Bio-data coding &AI Learning Platform Solution

Leung Kwan Cheung, 

Lam Ting Fai, 

LAM Alexander, 

Wong Wang Lik 

Entrepreneurship – Social Enterprise / Culture & Creative Services

Second Prize

Health Plus

Fung Kwong Chiu, 

Au Kam Hei, 

Mok Yim To, 

Chim Ho Yim, 

Tai Tsz Ho Jacky, 

Zhang Xin 

Third Prize

Never too late

Ng Sum Yin, 

Lai Nok Ching, 

Chan Yu Shan 

Merit Award


Li Hsin Huai, 

Yeung Wing Ching Vinnci, 

Lam Ching Long, 

Wong Pet Yang 


Innovation – Information Technology: Deep Learning Technology for Dyslexia (First Prize)

Photo credit to: 香港新一代文化協會創新及創業中心 Facebook


Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship Proposal: Herbioust (Third Prize)

Photo credit to: 香港新一代文化協會創新及創業中心 Facebook


Entrepreneurship – Social Enterprise / Culture & Creative Services: Never too late (Third Prize)

Photo credit to: 香港新一代文化協會創新及創業中心 Facebook