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Vicky WU

Vicky WU

Nitza Brilliance International Ltd.

Nitza Vicky WU brings to the table 20 years of international business experience in the United States, Israel and China. After opening and heading the China offices of Leo Schachter Diamonds Ltd, Israel’s largest diamond company, and completing with honors an EMBA from Peking University Guanghua School of Management - where she initiated the Innovation Frontier Trip to Israel, Ms. Wu founded NBI Solutions, a multi-functional platform integrating resources from China, Israel and Hong Kong SAR. Based in Hong Kong, NBI Solutions promotes strategic ventures and partnerships between Israel, Hong Kong SAR and China in the public and private sectors, and provides consulting services to international startups targeting the Chinese and Hong Kong markets. 

Ms. Wu has promoted business and cultural ties between China and Israel for over a decade. For example, in 2005-2006, when interaction between Israel and China was still rare, Ms. Wu provided crucial consulting to Rahamimoff Architects of Jerusalem for their Ming Tomb and Da Ming Gong projects in Beijing and Xi’an. In 2016, Ms. Wu initiated an Anti-Poverty agriculture project between Peking University and the Israeli Embassy in Beijing. She helped make the Holocaust accessible to Chinese readers by finding a publisher for, and translating into Chinese, The Choice, a memoir by Holocaust survivor Irene Eber, professor emeritus of East Asian Studies at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration from Schiller International University in Switzerland.