SPES Tech and NeuronSpike Technologies won Top 3 prize

Two HKUST startups won Top3 in the FYP+ Supporting Scheme

Congratulations to SPES Tech and NeuronSpike Technologies, for being awarded as top 3 in the FYP+ Supporting Scheme and winning an additional HK$50,000.

The FYP+ Supporting Scheme is a charity program organized by Hong Kong X Foundation to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. SPES Tech and NeuronSpike Technologies stood out from 175 applicants to win the top 3 winner.

One of the winning teams, SPES Tech is a startup that are dedicated to developing next-generation hydrogel solutions for life science, bioprocess and regenerative medicine. They aim to develop a high-throughput cell screening system for pre-clinical evaluation of cell-based therapy by leveraging innovative protein engineering technologies.


“It’s our honor to receive the award. Thank you for all the people supporting us and we’ll keep going to kick off our business. HKUST is a dynamic platform, not only do we have solid research, but also the passion for transforming the outcomes into business.” said Ka Chin Wong, the CEO of SPES Tech who has his Bachelor Degree of Biochemistry and Cell Biology and is studying TLE Programme in HKUST.

Apart from the FYP+ Supporting Scheme, SPES Tech also won various awards such as the Innovation Project Special Award (創新特等獎) of the 5th Hong Kong Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and is one of the 6 selected teams in Merck Accelerator China Program 2019. They were also the participant of HKUST-Sino One Million Entrepreneurship Competition.

Another winning team, NeuronSpike Technologies is building the first general-purpose AI processors which are capable of on-chip adaptive learning and control at a higher energy efficiency and computing power than conventional CPU architecture. These brain-inspired processors, build from 2D material based memristors, will be implemented in autonomous vehicles, humanoid robots, and drones where energy-speed efficient adaptive learning and control is vital for optimal performance.


This project is Dovran Amanov’s final-year project in his HKUST undergraduate study. He majored in Physics and studied Economics additionally. “It is a wonderful feeling not only because you get the award but there will be further support from HKSTP and HKXF which means I will have resources to realize my vision. It is also encouraging to see the support for your passion.” said Dovran. After graduation, he is admitted to a graduate program in School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of Harvard University and at the same time will continue working on developing NeuronSpike Technologies.

Dovran encouraged HKUST students, “Choose challenging path, be dedicated, and be humble.”

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