Rookie Fund Presents: Angel and Seed Funding for Student Startups; Trend of Venture Capital Investment

Venture Capital Investment
Date and Time
16 April 2020, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
At Your Desktop via Zoom (Meeting ID: 942 499 209)


Facebook, Dropbox, Snap, to name but a few, are successful technology companies founded by university students. They were backed by venture capital firms before becoming popular. Venture capital (VC) is essentially the go-to for early stage startups who are seeking capital to sustain their businesses, recruit more talent, and gain massive support for expansion. This session aims to demystify VC seed funding to students, particularly for those looking to enter the venture, tech and startup scene.

Together with Jowell of Catalyst Ventures, Rookie Fund Student Investment Associates (aka Rookies) will share the technology investment trends in Hong Kong and the globe, besides introducing the concept of early stage startup financing and the basics of venture capital. They will disclose the technicalities of the fundraising deal process, along with tips to working with angel investors and venture capitalists. Students will get to know about how to enter VC as a career.


About Rookie Fund

Rookie Fund is Asia's first student-run VC fund targeting Angel and Seed stage technology startups founded by university students and those who have graduated in the past 5 years in Hong Kong.

Miss Jowell Shek, Analyst of Catalyst Ventures, specializes in investing early stage startups in travel tech and marketing tech.


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