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hackUST + hardUST is an annual hackathon at HKUST to develop your prototype, meet entrepreneurs and industry experts, pitch your ideas, enjoy unlimited free snacks, pizza, caffeine, and refreshments, and turn your boldest ideas into reality! hackUST runs for an electrifying 24 hours while hardUST runs for 48 hours!


hackUST + hardUST 2019 will be the most craziest hackathon yet. Participants will have access to the world?s number two-ranked Tianhe-2 supercomputer (developed by China's National University of Defense Technology) currently installed at the National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou (with peak performance of 94.97 petaflops after the recent upgrading). Participants can come up and test out their crazy ideas using the power of the super computer during hackathon at HKUST 2019.




hackUST + hardUST  2019 is open to all university students / alumni in the world. Don't worry if you are not experienced enough ? what matters is how fast you can learn and how willing you are to step out of your comfort zone! Don't worry if you don't have a team, we have pre-hack workshops as well as prior team formation sessions!


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Mr.Donny Siu



Gao Xiao Han,Elaine

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Lam Ting Fai,James

PIC of Secondary Group Invitational


Leung Kwan Chueng,Alex

PIC of Technical Support


Tam Ka Kiu,Gabriel

PIC of Human Power Allocation



Tse Sin Yu,Rosy

PIC of Design

6 Justin

Tso Chin Lap,Justin

PIC of Media & Publication


Wong Hoi Hang,Avery

PIC of Overall Coordination







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hackUST 2019



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Challenge of 2019


Jardine Restaurant Group, a proud member of the Jardine Group, is one of the leading restaurant groups in Asia, operating over 740 outlets with more than 23,500 employees in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and Myanmar. JRG is one of Pizza Hut’s largest international franchisees and operates KFC outlets in several Asian and South East Asian countries. With such solid foundation and industry experience, JRG, however, currently still faces several challenges. Like many other industries, the consumer demand for the F&B industry has been shifted by continuous technology advancement and readily available and accessible information. Quality and convenience alone are not enough anymore to maintain and sustain consumer interests. To meet and exceed customer satisfaction of the new era, JRG must rejuvenate and innovate.

How can you be the impact of our present and future?

As a leader of the F&B industry, JRG’s innovative vision is to provide a stage for talents to not only make, but also be the impact. Here at JRG, we strongly believe that many talents will shine through and change the future of many in the F&B industry. Register and share with us your ideas and solutions on how to create a brand-new customer experience to win a fully funded start-up opportunity on top of a real-world internship program mentored by industry experts. Join us and create an innovative and influential future and be the impact now.


Challenges for HardUST and HackUST 2019
            What Will You Have to Achieve in This Hackathon@HKUST 2019?

  Imagine you are co-founders of a new start-up partnering with the Jardine Restaurant Group, which operates a large chain of catering outlets in different countries and locations, providing new and creative solutions for the Group’s business that will enhance customer services and optimise business operation while achieving its position as a pioneer of innovation in the catering profession. Every day, thousands of JRG staff work hard in preparing food, serving customers of different age and background and meeting various customer needs in outlets of different formats. Customers can be reached in different ways including serving in store and delivering food to customers at their preferred locations for different occasions. On top of maintaining the consistency of high-quality product and services, JRG seeks to evolve F&B industry by exploring smart, digital and creative solutions. What ideas do you have to help develop brand-new business formats and operations and provide smart solutions to the senior management of the Group for the next ten years of development?

Supporting Information- F&B Store Formats

The current store formats of F&B mainly consist of Back of house area, which are production areas such as kitchens and storages, and Front of house area, which are lobbies, counters and dining areas. Businesses are restricted to production capacity, dining capacity, labour and rental costs.  
Major existing store formats as below
1.    Red Roof- Restaurants without delivery
a.    Table serviced
b.    Store size: 2000-3000ft2
c.    Seating capacity: 80-230seats
d.    Operating hours: 11am-10pm
e.    Number of staff available on rotation: 30-40

2.    Restaurant Based Delivery- Restaurants with delivery
a.    Table serviced
b.    Store size: 2000-4000ft2
c.    Seating capacity: 70-240 seats
d.    Operating hours: 11am-10pm
e.    Number of staff available on rotation: 30-40

3.    Delco- Takeaway and Delivery services Only
a.    Counter service
b.    800-1000ft2
c.    No seating 
d.    Operating hours: 11am-11pm
e.    Number of staff available on rotation: 20-30

4.    Delco with seats- A smaller restaurant format with limited service 
a.    Counter service
b.    Store size 1000-1500ft2
c.    Seating capacity: 40-90 seats
d.    Operating hours11am-11am
e.    Number of staff available on rotation: 20-30

5.    Fast Casual Delco- 
a.    Counter service
b.    Store size 1000-1500ft2
c.    Seating capacity: 40-80 seats
d.    Operating hours 7:30-11pm
e.    Number of staff available on rotation: 20-30

6.    Express
a.    Counter service
b.    Store size 800-2000ft2
c.    Seating capacity 20-40 seats
d.    Operating hours 11am- 7pm
e.    Number of staff available on rotation: 5-10


March 2019    Full Time Riders    Part Time Rider
No. of riders              19                         114
Hours worked          5,625                    13,462
Orders delivered     7,090                     15,923

The averaged Peak hour quote time is 68 minutes and averaged Trough Hour quote time is 47 minutes.
Orders delivered through other vendors and vans have increased over the past 12 months which contributes to logistic costs. 


The daily operation of restaurants relies heavily on human labour. From production to front of house service area, each customer touchpoint requires human labour input. For example, to maintain the quality of our products, we create the pizzas from dough making, which involves mixing ingredients, kneading the mixture and proofing the dough before adding toppings to order. The pizzas then go through the oven for cooking and finally cut, plated and delivered to our customer either to the table or via delivery services to home. This process is both labour and time consuming.

The most common communication methods between store and restaurant supporting functions mainly rely on email, phones and communication apps such as Whatsapp and Wechat. In order to maintain control of the business operation of more than 23,500 employee, there are many layers of approvals in place before a decision can be made. This relies heavily on physical paperwork, manual signatures and transfers of documents. The process of information exchange requires time to complete and as a result, business decisions can be delayed. For monitor and control purposes, area coaches and managers must physically call the shops to understand the status of operation. There is no existing real-time tracking of store situations and performance. 






How might we, as a pioneer of the F&B industry, create the dining experience of the future, that overcomes business limitations?                                                                            
How can we leverage data and create new hardware and supporting logistics for food services to meet the growing demand of speed, convenience and accessibility, making dining with JRG frictionless? How can we allow customers to be served anytime, anywhere, without barriers?  How can we create smarter interaction and connection between JRG and its customers?  How will we achieve operational efficiency while performing in more sales with better quality of services?





How can we effectively meet the evolving demand of customers with the help of technology and creativity?                                                                            
How Can data help to improve both operation and customer experience? How can we predict new needs and offer services in advance and prepare our staff for more customer-oriented services using technologies? Can we expand our customer base using these technologies? Can we leverage on any synergies, resources and opportunities between countries, brands, stores and teams?


How might we, as an experienced player in the delivery scene, reach more customers faster, with efficient resource utilisation?                                                                            
How can we reach our customers with our product, faster? Can technology help optimise our logistic operation and eliminate idle resources being wasted? Are we able to perform better and more with less hurdles?


How might we, as an organisation of 23,500 employee, help simplify procurement, paperwork and reporting, given that all functions need to be appropriately controlled?                                                                            
How can we simplify and reduce manual tracking and monitoring of the store operation with distance in a real time manner? How can we reduce time delayed for business decision in layers of approval while maintaining adequate control of the business and its resources? How can digitisation help off-loading manual handling of physical documents?


How might we help to complete production more efficiently, given the product quality is to be maintained?                                                                            
How can we simplify our operation with the help of automation to reduce reliance on manpower and maintain controlled operational consistency? Can tasks be completed with minimal labour input? Can this be applied for supporting functions (business functions such as marketing, finance, IT and supply chain to support front line operation and business decisions) or production?


Idea/ Technical Delivery

    Is it relevant to the challenge imposed? 
•    Is it a good solution to the initial challenge? 
•    Was the problem appropriately understood? 
•    Do they understand the multiple stakeholders who might be involved?



•    How creative is the challenge? 
•    Was it incremental of existing solutions or a radical solution? 

Practicality/ Execution


•    Does it work? 
•    Is it testable?
•    Did the idea come to live? 
•    What is the UI and UX like? 
•    How good is the design? 
•    User friendliness? 
•    Any bugs?

Design and Polish


•    What is the UI and UX like? 
•    How good is the design? 
•    User friendliness? 
•    Any bugs?



•    How feasible is the project? 
•    What is the key value of the project economically, socially and environmentally? 
•    Is it sustainable?



•    How well are you selling it? 
•    Is it convincing? 
•    Are you confident in their idea and in answering questions?




Judges and Mentors

Mr. Abraham Chan\Deloitte 
Mr. Alan Chan\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Albert Beardow\JRG
Mr. Alfred Lin\Deloitte 
Mr. Allen Wai\GoAnimate Hong Kong
Mr. Andrew Ling\JRG
Mr. Andrew Wong\Accenture Company Limited
Mr. Andrey Berdichevskiy\Deloitte
Ms. Annie Luong\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Arpit Arora\Deloitte 
Ms. Avis Wong\Deloitte Digital 
Mr. Benny Kwan\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Billy Chung\GoAnimate Hong Kong
Mr. Bingo Lau\KFC- JRG
Mr. Brad Lin\Deloitte 
Ms. Candice Chan\Jardine Pacific
Ms. Carrie Wong\Pizza Hut - JRG
Ms. Catalina \KFC - JRG
Ms. Chantal Wong\Deloitte 
Dr. Charm Tao\
Ms. Christina Li\KFC-JRG
Mr Cyril Wong\Deloitte
Mr. Damien Wu\Link Asset Management Ltd
Mr. David Fenix\Deloitte
Mr. Dennis Chow\Deloitte China
Mr. Edgar Chan\KFC - JRG
Mr. Elizabeth Ting\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Eric Lam\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Felix Cheung\Di Di 
Mr. G.A Lee\Inspire (HK) Youth Education Foundation
Mr. Gary Cheung\Deloitte 
Ms. Grace Kan\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Harry Wang\Deloitte 
Ms. Hatty Siu\Deloitte 
Mr. Howard Wong\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Hugo Sun\Deloitte
Mr. Jack Mak\Deloitte 
Mr. James Law\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Jamie Harrison\Ultimate Golf Factory
Ms. Janet Yuen\KFC - JRG
Mr. Jason Klanderman\JRG
Ms. Jill Tang\Ladies Who Tech
Mr. Kanokthanom Sornkaew\Ultimate Golf Factory
Ms. Katherine Lam\Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited 
Mr. Kelvin Wong\Deloitte
Mr Ken Chan\Join-a-Ride
Mr. Kenneth YU\Deloitte
Mr. Kenny Chan\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Kow Hong Yee\BUDD Technology Limited
Mr. Kyrus Siu\The Social Investment Consultacny
Mr. Legend Too\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Lok Fung\Jardine Schindler
Mr. Louis Li\Redso
Mr. Marcelo Paraizo\Jardine Matheson
Mr. Matthew Chan\Chief Digital Officer
Mr. Matthew Chan\JRG
Ms. Melody Ho\JRG 
Mr. Mike Lo\Deloitte
Mr. Naveen Jesly Fernandez\Deloitte 
Mr. Nelson Wong\AliCloud
Ms. Noelle Lee\Pizza Hut- JRG
Mr. Oliver Wan\ID Startup & SME Association
Mr. Paul Li \Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Peri Tong\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Peter Chung\HKUST
Mr. Ralph Chammah\Deloitte 
Dr. Rebecca Cheng\GoAnimate Hong Kong
Mr. Reeve Cheung\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. Reeve Kwan\GoGoVan
Mrs. Regina Leung\Food For Good
Mr. Rocky Lok\KFC-JRG
Mr. Sam Yi \KFC - JRG
Mr. Samuel Lau\Pizza Hut - JRG
Ms. Sandra Chan\Everbest Technologies Ltd
Ms. Shweta Agrawal\Deloitte 
Mr. Thomas Fan\KFC - JRG
Mr. Tony Leung \KFC - JRG
Ms. Van Chu\JRG 
Ms. Vivian Ai\Deloitte
Ms. Wendy Cheng\World First (Ant Financial)
Mr. Wesley Zhai\Pizza Hut - JRG
Mr. William Wong\Deloitte
Mr. William Zhang\Deloitte 
Mr. Wilson Wong\Deloitte
Ms. Xie Wan\Deloitte



Venue for the Event:  Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Clearwater Bay, Kowloon, HKSAR.

Location and Direction: https://www.ust.hk/about-hkust/about-the-campus/map-directions-2015/

Friday (12 Apr 2019)


Registration for hardUST begins「Area outside LT-J & K」


Everyone gather at hardUST counter「Area outside LT-J & K」


Team Formation「Area outside LT-J & K」


Gathering at 「Area outside LT-G」


Briefing to hardUST participants「LT-G」 


hardUST begins 「Area outside LT-J & K」


Lunch Delivery「Area outside LT-J & K」


Training Workshop 「Area outside LT-J & K」


Tea Delivery「Area outside LT-J & K」


Mentorship session begins (until 18:00)「Area outside LT-J & K」


Dinner Delivery 「Area outside LT-J & K」


Supper Delivery 「Area outside LT-J & K」

Saturday (13 Apr 2019)


Breakfast Delivery 「Area outside LT-J & K」


Registration opens for hackUST「Atrium」


hackUST team formation「Atrium」


Everybody gather at LT-A 


Briefing hackUST participants LT-A 


hackUST begins 「Area outside LT-J & K」


Lunch Delivery 「Area outside LT-J & K」


Tea Delivery「Area outside LT-J & K」


Mentorship session begins (until 18:00) 「Open Garden/ Area outside LT-J & K 」  


Dinner Delivery 「Area outside LT-J & K」


Supper Delivery「Area outside LT-J & K」

Sunday (14 Apr 2019)


Breakfast Delivery 「Area outside LT-J & K」


Gathering at the「Area outside LT-J & K」 and waiting for the Countdown


hackUST & hardUST end  


Lunch Delivery「Area outside LT-J & K」


First Round of Presentation (Expo 1)「Atrium」


Second Round of Presentation (Expo 2)「Atrium」


Pack up and gather at「LT-A」


Final judging starts 「LT-A」


Closing Ceremony「LT-A」


Prize giving「LT-A」


Event ends



Title Sponsor

Title Sponsor

Diamond Sponsor


Silver Sponsor



Official Online Platform Developer



Official Hardware Platform of hardUST



Official Cloud Service Provider



Supporting Organization


Community and Media Partner






Prizes for Winners

Total prize value: over HK$1,000,000 (HK$200,000 Startup Seed fund for selected teams, cash prizes and paid internships at Jardine Restaurant Group or other Jardine businesses and Accenture, free business consultancy service by Deloitte China etc.)

*The organizer and sponsors reserve the right on the final arrangement of prizes.  

Souvenirs for participants

Each participant will receive:

.Souvenirs value over HK$1,000 (limited edition event Tee and event souvenirs plus cloud credit etc. (total value available HK$500,000)

.Free meals during the course of the event

    User Manual on TH-2

    Manuals and videos on training, login, software, coding, etc, can be found via this link: http://www.nscc-gz.cn/NetworkEdu/EduDatadownload.html (please note the VPN details in the videos are of an older version. The current IP is and port is 5566.)



    1. What is hackUST?

    hackUST is a 24 hour competition in which talents (including students and alumni) from different backgrounds (including software engineers, business students, designers and among others) and universities can mingle, learn and build cool stuff together!

    2. What is hardUST?

    hardUST is a 48 hour competition in which talents (including students and alumni) from different backgrounds (including software engineers, hardware engineers, business students, designers and among others) and universities can mingle, learn and build cool stuff WITH HARDWARE together!

    3. Do I need to know Cantonese to attend?

    No, the official language of the hackathon is english.

    4. Who can participate?

    Any high school/university student or recent graduate can join hackUST or hardUST! It doesn’t matter whether you are a computer science major or a business major, anyone who is passionate about building cool stuff can join.

    5. What if I've never been to a hackathon before?

    hackUST+hardUST is designed to be beginner friendly. We'll have a spectrum of workshops during the event as well as mentors on site to teach you new skills and guide you towards your first hack.

    6. What if I don’t have a team?

    We have team forming sessions at the beginning of the hackathon, feel free to come without a team!

    7. How much does it cost to attend hackUST+hardUST?

    hackUST+hardUST and its weekend’s worth of swag, meals, drinks and snacks is completely free!

    8. What should I bring?

    Laptop and charger, cellphone and charger, toiletries, a couple changes of clothes
    Recommended: Sleeping bag, Pillow, Swag from your school/country

    9. Will there be travel allowance?

    A travel allowance of 2000 HKD will be provided to select “out of state” hackers. The allowance will be released in USD and will be conducted via TT. We will absorb the relevant processing fees from our end in Hong Kong.

    10. How many people can be on a team?

    2-5 people

    11. Can I start working on my hack before the event?

    No. Working on your hack before the event will disqualify you from winning any prizes at hackUST+hardUST. You can think of ideas, as well as use open source code, frameworks, and libraries. 

    12. How does judging work?

    You will be judged on Problem Definition, Solution, Technical Difficulty, Functionality, Innovation

    13. I have a question that is not listed here. Who should I ask?

    Hit us up on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/hackust/