Sell It To Me - Pitching Competition

sell it to me
Competitions and Challenges
Date and Time
16 Apr 2018 (Mon), 18:00-22:00
The BASE (1/F, Lift 29-30), HKUST

40 participants who were confident about their pitching & problem-solving skills joined the Pitching Competition in the BASE on 16 Apr 2018. In this exciting contest, Mr. Till Kraemer, Co-founder and General Manager of Inter-Cultural Education (ICE), gave participants tips and feedback on how to improve their pitching skill. They had been challenged to pitch their idea and sold a random object in front of a small audience. 

Mr. Till Kraemer graduated from Oxford University with a Master’s degree. Upon graduation, he worked for various international companies in multiple countries, including Porsche in Singapore. With true passion in education, he became the Co-founder and General Manager of ICE, a social enterprise which promotes global citizenship and intercultural understanding through information, exploration, and communication. Till is also an experienced public speaker with 6 times appearance on TEDx.