One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition

One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition
Competitions and Challenges
Date and Time
2017-03-19 to 2017-06-12

Witnessing the growth of entrepreneurial activities in our region, the Competition aims to provide a platform for HKUST and surrounding community members an integrative learning experience to create and evaluate new business and to prepare students to start their future career in entrepreneurship.  Winners of the Competition can use the cash prize as seed money to build their own company or to further the commercialization of their inventions.  To encourage teams with plans utilizing HKUST technologies and/or have members from different schools within HKUST, they will be eligible for additional cash awards, if they are winners of the Gold, Silver, or Bronze Awards at the Final Round of judging.

Further to encourage students to participate in this competition and putting their idea into action to realize their dreams, this year we are introducing the Focus Area Awards, which will be selected among all Round 1 entries.  We will work with different professionals in the industries to sponsor this award in different areas of interest, e.g. Healthcare, Robotics & AI, Environment & Sustainability, Materials, Fintech and Social Services & Enterprise, etc.  We will invite experts in these areas to select, among all the Round 1 entries the awardees to receive the award and keep developing their ideas.  For details, please refer to the Awards section.  We have also doubled up our awards in the Student Team Prize, where there will be 2 teams composed of HKUST full time students selected for this award.

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