"Who will be driving?:— the possibilities of AI driving technology”

AI driving
Date and Time
9 Apr 2019 , 18:00-20:00

Self driving car is no longer just a science fiction fantasy, the technology evolves over the decades making Level 5 self driving vehicle achievable.  State of the art self driving technology is a collective effort of various AI technologies, from perception to controls. It is also worth mentioning that

self driving car shares a good amount of theoretical fundamentals with various robot development. In this workshop, we will go over some common theory in robot control and we will be using self driving car as our workshop example.

About the speakers:

Mr Timothy LEUNG, Executive Director of HKAI LAB

Timothy has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the Information and Internet field, worked in esteemed companies such as Alibaba, Apple, and PCCW. He is now the Executive Director of the HKAI Lab, which is a not-for-profit initiative fully funded by the Alibaba and SenseTime focused on advancing the frontiers of AI with cutting-edge technologies and expertise, and empowering startups to commercialize their new inventions.

Timothy is strong at strategic planning and hands-on implementation. He had managed direct sales team and channel partners for technology products and internet services. His comprehensive experience in sales, marketing, product development and senior management gives him a holistic view of business strategy. He had many successes in government and private sector partnership development and management. Timothy has extensive speaking experience for large scale conferences and private events. He was interviewed by digital, print and TV media from all over the world.

Timothy’s 20+ years' experience in the technology field covering Asia, Europe, and Americas. He directly managed staff and partners in Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, USA, UK, Italy, Brazil and Peru.

Timothy is also an active sportsman participating in trail running and skiing. He had completed over close to 20 marathons and ultramarathons and keeps on running.

Mr San WONG, Founder CTO of Arical Limited

I graduated from University of California, Irvine with B.Sc and M.Sc in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Signal Progressing and Machine Vision. I then join a Robotic research lab where my research focuses on deep learning based machine vision and robot control. I run two AI Meetup groups: DeepNet Dojo and DeepLearningHK, where I met two other partners and cofound Arical. Arical empowers property developers, urban planners and architects through an AI cloud platform that instantly and automatically generates architectural design proposals from big data.

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