TURNED-E! MBOT Training Workshop

Date and Time
2 Apr 2019 , 18:00-20:00
HKUST Entrepreneurship Center & TURNED-E!
Room 2303 (Lift 17,18)

Hosted by Turned-E, MBOT Training Workshop focus on the use of MBOT and IOT application. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an information carrier based on the Internet and traditional telecommunication networks, which enables all ordinary objects that can perform independent functions to realize interconnection and interoperability. You can design your own Smart device and help you to solve the real-life problems. At the home level, the Internet of Things can be used to remotely control and search for home appliances and automobiles through the Internet of Things. The data collected during the process can be integrated into big data. The skillset included in this workshop will be useful for the coming hardUST competition. Students who are interested in hardware application are recommended to join.

Registration: Please click HERE to register for the workshop.

Registration deadline: 28 March 2019, 5PM

Successful registrants will receive a confirmation email on or before 1 April 2019.

Enquiry: eceric@ust.hk

For more information, please visit Turned-E's website at https://www.turned-e.com.