SIE Fund "Social Innovation Flow" Interactive Exhibition Truck

SIE Fund "Social Innovation Flow" Interactive Exhibition Truck
Date and Time
09-11 Apr 2018 (Mon-Wed), 10:00-18:00
Roundabout outside Cheng Yu Tung Building

Under the Commission on Poverty and managed by the Efficiency Unit of the Chief Secretary for Administration's Office, and with the allocation of $500 million from the Lotteries Fund, the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) envisions being the catalyst for social innovation in Hong Kong through empowering visionary individuals and organizations to develop innovative, impactful and sustainable solutions to poverty and social exclusion. The SIE fund has supported 83 innovative ventures through its intermediaries insofar. A roving exhibition truck themed "Social Innovation Flow" was launched to promote the concept of social innovation, the achievements of the SIE Fund and its funded innovative ventures throughout the years to the wider public.

Key elements on the truck
(i) Interactive Experience Zone - Showcase of SIE Fund funded ventures in an interactive way, including AR Playbook, Beyond Vision Project and Eldpathy)
(ii) Exhibition Zone - Introduce SIE Fund and its initiatives, as well as information about social innovation and social entrepreneurship. 10 short videos produced by youth teams sponsored by SIE Fund are on the show. Each features an innovative venture funded by SIE Fund for enhancing public understanding of social innovation.
(iii) Photo-taking Unit - Welcome to take a selfie for free