Explore the Endless Possibilities of Hardware using Makeblock Platform

Date and Time
16 Apr 2018 (Mon), 18:00-21:00
Room 4334 (Lift 3)

16 participants joined the hardware workshop "Explore the Endless Possibilities of Hardware using Makeblock Platform" on 16 Apr 2018. Instructor Ms. Sandra CHAN and Mr. Ryan inspired the students to discover the basic coding for the Makeblock platform and explore how to navigate using "drag-n-drop" programming (Scratch/ mBlock). The participants  were surprised in how easy it is to hack hardware and make their own invention! 

Sandra introduced the Makeblock platform to Hong Kong in 2015, providing a solution for new makers in Hong Kong to easily turn their hardware ideas into reality. Sandra and Ryan are pioneers in promoting STEM education and maker education in Hong Kong, having been invited for a number of talks and workshops related to these fields.