hackathon@HKUST 2019

Date and Time
12-14 Apr 2019 (Fri-Sun)
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

hackUST + hardUST is an annual hackathon at HKUST to develop your prototype, meet entrepreneurs and industry experts, pitch your ideas, enjoy unlimited free snacks, pizza, caffeine, and refreshments, and turn your boldest ideas into reality! hackUST runs for an electrifying 24 hours while hardUST runs for 48 hours!

hackUST + hardUST  2019 is open to all university students / alumni in the world. Don't worry if you are not experienced enough ? what matters is how fast you can learn and how willing you are to step out of your comfort zone! Don't worry if you don't have a team, we have pre-hack workshops as well as prior team formation sessions!


Friday -12 Apr 2019

09:00 Registration for hardUST begins「Area outside LT-J & K」
11:00 Team Formation「Area outside LT-J & K」
11:20 Briefing to hardUST participants「LT-G」 
12:00 hardUST begins 「Area outside LT-J & K」
13:00 Training Workshop 「Area outside LT-J & K」
15:00 Mentorship session begins (until 18:00)「Area outside LT-J & K」

Saturday - 13 Apr 2019

09:00 Registration opens for hackUST「Atrium」
10:00 hackUST team formation「Atrium」

Briefing hackUST participants LT-A

12:00 hackUST begins 「Area outside LT-J & K」
15:00 Mentorship session begins (until 18:00) 「Open Garden/ Area outside LT-J & K 」  

Sunday (14 Apr 2019)

12:00 hackUST & hardUST end  
12:15 First Round of Presentation (Expo 1)「Atrium」
12:45 Second Round of Presentation (Expo 2)「Atrium」
14:00 Final judging starts 「LT-A」
17:00 Closing Ceremony「LT-A」
17:15 Prize giving「LT-A」

For more details, please visit hackathon@HKUST 2019.