What are available for you — Findings of the FIRST HK Startup Index Results by EntreLink

HK startup index
Date and Time
11 Apr 2019 (Thur), 18:15-20:15
HKUST Entrepreneurship Center & EntreLink


It is intuitive to start or expand your business where you are most familiar with. To ensure a higher success rate, startups should understand the characteristics of each ecosystem and leverage on the resources that benefit their business. It is always said that it is the easiest to source I&T talents in Shenzhen, raise funds in Beijing, obtain government support in Singapore. Is it really the case? What are the advantages and disadvantages to set up business in Hong Kong? What kind of support can you receive from HKSAR government?

EntreLink has recently conducted Hong Kong Startup Index, the first Index ranking the favourability of business environment in Hong Kong, ASEAN and South East Asian cities. The Index was constructed based on the comments of over 200 startups based in Hong Kong, covering 8+ sectors. In this talk, we will share the Index findings, analyse the characteristics of ecosystems in Singapore, Shenzhen, Beijing and Hong Kong, and share real-life stories of business challenges in different places, as well as the myth about being an entrepreneur.


About EntreLink:

Founded in 2018, EntreLink is a non-profit organisation linking and being run by startup founders in Hong Kong. Together we strive to make Hong Kong a global technology and innovation centre and create a sustainable new economy for present and future generations.



1.Chloe LAM, Co-founder & Director, EntreLink

At EntreLink, Chloe focuses on overall development of EntreLink, running initiatives including Hong Kong Startup Index. She is also a management Consultant at YCP, a venture capital firm originated from Japan. Focusing on digital, artificial intelligence and smart city businesses, she grows midcap and start-up tech-based companies through exploring funding opportunities and developing expansion strategies. She is currently working on a white paper about the AI application in SMEs.


2.Justin CHAN, CEO & Co-founder, Gense Technologies Limited

Justin is the co-founding CEO of Gense Technologies, an award-winning biotechnology startup developing a real-time sign language to voice translator wristband for the deaf and mute community. He is also a co-founder & CEO of MM Community, a government-community infrastructure financing and civic engagement solution in Myanmar. Being also the Co-founder & Director of EntreLink, Justin focuses on outbound initiatives.


3.Jessica LIU, Founding Member, Planto

Jessica is the founding member of Planto, a HK based data-driven fintech startup changing the way millennials manage finances through using Big Data and A.I. In less than 5 months of launching, Planto has more than 50,000 users in Hong Kong and peaked #4 on App Store, being up there with Alipay and Payme. At Planto, she focuses on product and user growth and has spoken at various events including Fintech Week.


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