Uber Talk: The Power of Uber x Social Innovation with Free Uber Ride

Uber Social
Date and Time
20 Apr 2017 (Thur), 18:00-20:30

While Uber is famous in promoting sharing economy which has brought along a lot of challenges and opportunities to the world. Do you know Uber has some other initiatives that are also changing and helping the society in different ways? Ms. Margaret Ng, Community Representative and Lead of UberASSIST who was invited to HKUST to share how UberASSIST is designed to provide additional assistance to seniors and people with disabilities to facilitate the technology and social innovation for the society. Besides, Ms. Fion Leung, Co-founder and CEO of Time Auction shared how she turned herself from a banker into a social entrepreneur. 33 HKUST students were given a chance to experience the uberASSIST service at the end of the talk.