Technology & Innovation in Silicon Valley

Technology & Innovation in Silicon Valley
Date and Time
2018-09-03 18:30 - 20:30
Entrepreneurship Center
LSK 7/F Lounge

Come and learn more about Silicon Valley and the startup scene there!

Join the “Technology & Innovation in Silicon Valley” talk by Founding Partner of Silicon Valley based VC.

According to business news website “Business Insider”, “Silicon Valley is an almost $3 trillion neighborhood thanks to companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla and so on. But it wasn’t always this way.”

Wei Guo, Founding Partner at UpHonest Capital, will be presenting to us the general background of Silicon Valley and the key network and industry players over there. He will also touch on the current trend in terms of investments and entrepreneurship in the Valley and the implications for younger generations.

With a track record of 1 IPO, 6 unicorns, and 9 acquired companies, UpHonest Capital is a cross border venture capital team invests in disruptive startups.

Specific topics for the talk include:

  • Silicon Valley investments & case studies
  • Angel investments & how Silicon Valley came to be
  • Silicon Valley’s recent overview
  • Current investments & startups trend, including AI, millennial economy,biotech and so on.
  • Implications for students
  • Q&A session

The event will be on next Monday, Sept 3 at LSK 7/F Lounge Area at 6:30pm!

So don’t wait! Register now via this link here.