"From Science to Startup" - Sharing by a HKUST science student

SSCI sharing
Date and Time
3 Apr 2019 , 18:15-19:15
HKUST Entrepreneurship Center
The BASE (Lift no. 29, 30)

What have inspired a science student to dream big? Mr. Anthony Lam, a graduate of Biotechnology in HKUST School of Science and a year 1 MPhil student studying in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship program at HKUST, would like to share his entrepreneurship journey with all entrepreneurs-to-be and who think entrepreneurship is far away from his/her life. Anthony is Hong Kong born and bred and passionate for innovation and being a change maker. What the turning point triggered Anthony to start his journey and how a science student to turns his knowledge into innovation and entrepreneurship development. Anthony would share his belief behind, ups and downs in his undergraduate life and how to overcome those challenges and how he discovered and started his entrepreneurship journey. Science and technology is not a over talk but would be the best partner to make the world change! 


About the speaker: Mr. Anthony Lam

BSc in Biotechnology, HKUST School of Science

Working on portable fluorescent microscope under Prof. KS WONG

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