Run Your Own Business - through business simulation game

run your own business
Date and Time
13 Apr 2018 (Fri), 18:00-21:00
Room 4334 (Lift 3)

38 HKUST students joined the simulation game of Run Your Own Business on 13 Apr 2018. The game was called MonsoonSim that was a powerful business training platform which provided an interactive fun Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) simulation program. It covered twelve (12) business concepts and was easy to understand. This program facilitated students to understand the flow of real-time information across departments through "Experiential Learning". The game was suitable for all level of students and they would have competition with the other teams on running their virtual company. 

Same Business Simulation Workshop was successfully held in HKUST on 24 Oct 2017 & 6 Mar 2018. Over 80 students joined and had fun on that day. Here are feedback shared by HKUST participants:
“It was very interesting”  “Weekly, more prize”
“Fun”  “Great Job!”