New Series of Intellectual Property Seminars (Part II)

IP Seminar Series
Date and Time
5 - 8 May 2020
Technology Transfer Center & Entrepreneurship Center
Online via Zoom



We are pleased to present Part II of this NEW Series of Seminars on Intellectual Property and Practice targeted at entrepreneurs, faculties, alumni and students who have started their businesses or exploring to become entrepreneurs.


This New Series of Intellectual Property (IP) Seminars aims to equip you with the essential knowledge to protect your inventions and proprietary projects. You will become more resourceful and gain practical tips from IP professionals to protect your IP rights while managing your business.



To Register  (All seminars will be conducted online via Zoom)


IP Seminar #1 - “IP Valuation” on May 5th

- Learn the process to evaluate the fair market value of your IP asset

Speaker:                      Ronald Yu

Date/Time:                   5 May 2020 (Tues); 4:00 – 5:30 pm HK Time

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Zoom Meeting ID:         964-0935-4922

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IP Seminar #2 - “IP Strategy” on May 6th

- Review of IP rights

- Design rights/patents

- Case studies


Speaker:                      Ronald Yu

Date/Time:                   6 May 2020 (Wed); 4:00 – 5:30 pm, HK Time

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Zoom Meeting ID:         974-7123-9606

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IP Seminar #3 – “Agreements (Employee, License, Shareholder and others) and Employee and user rights under IP law" on May 7th (adjusted)

Speaker:                      Ronald Yu & Kenneth Yip

Date/Time:                   7 May 2020 (Thurs); 4:00 – 5:30 pm, HK Time

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Zoom Meeting ID:         949-0699-1665

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IP Seminar #4 – “Communications with Patent Offices” on May 8th

- Review of patentability

- The mechanics of a response

- Amendment communications

- Rejection communications

- Mock communications training


Speaker:                       Ronald Yu & Kenneth Yip

Date/Time:                    8 May 2020 (Fri); 4:00 – 5:30 pm, HK Time

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Zoom Meeting ID:         942-5918-9652

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Ronald Yu started in IT industry, then became a computer forensics and then further obtained his credentials as JD and LLM (legal credentials).  Ronald is also a U.S. Patent Agent, holds patents, has published articles on online learning, digital forensics, intellectual property, copyright & constitutional law, etc. Ronald has taught graduate law classes on IP Law in Information Technology, Patent Law and IP Strategy.  Ronald is a Board Member and a Founding Member of, which became a WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Permanent Observer in 2016 and an Advisor and Partner to WIPO Green in 2017.


Kenneth Yip

Kenneth is one of a handful of lawyers in Hong Kong with strong working experience and knowledge of US and China patent practice.  He is a lawyer with an electrical engineering and R&D background in software, semiconductor and telecommunications and a practice focusing on telecommunications, information technology, emerging technologies, and related industries. Kenneth is currently the Patent Counsel at PePLink. More



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