HKUST X Impossible Foods: "Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies - Possible or Impossible?"

Date and Time
4 May 2020, 10:00am
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Impossible Foods Inc. is a company that develops plant-based substitutes for meat products. Founded in 2011, and headquartered in Redwood City, California, the company's stated aim is to give people the taste and nutritional benefits of meat without supposed negative health and certain environmental impacts associated with livestock products. The company researches animal products at the molecular level, then selects specific proteins and nutrients from plants to recreate the experience and nutrition of specific meat products. The company's signature product, the Impossible Burger, was launched in July 2016, after years of research and development. The company also makes a plant-based sausage product that started being tested on pizzas sold by Little Caesars restaurants in May 2019.

Speaker: Dr. Pat Brown, CEO and Founder of Impossible Foods Inc. and Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry at Stanford University

Moderator: Donny Siu, Head (Entrepreneurship Programs), HKUST Entrepreneurship Center

The sharing was very well attended with lots of questions from attendees answered by Dr. Brown. Recording of the sharing is available at:

Zoom Recording:

Due to limited time available. Unanswered questions are being sent to Dr. Brown for consideration