AI Series I: Trends & Impacts in Today’s Society

AI Series I: Trends & Impacts in Today’s Society
Date and Time
2018-03-15 (19:00-20:30)
Room 6591 (Lift 31-32), HKUST

Passionate about AI? These seminars by industry experts and robotic specialists will satisfy your curiosity!  


Join our AI Series: Trends & Impacts in Today’s Society!


In these talks, our speakers will discuss the current trends and impacts of AI in today’s world, as well as how the technology evolved over time. They will also share their visions on how these trends will shape our future.


Seminar I – Presented by Dr. Andy Chun, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science and former Chief Information Officer (CIO) at City University

Date: Thursday, March 15

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Venue: Room 6591 (Lift 31-32)


Dr. Andy Chun’s Biography:

Dr. Andy Chun is a leading pioneer in AI, and has more than three decades of experience focusing on the use of AI for enterprise optimization. He has consulted many leading organizations and the Hong Kong government on digital strategies and has received numerous awards for his work. Today, his primary focus is in empowering organizations through improving customer experience and digital transformation. Dr. Chun is also an experienced speaker in a range of other technology-related topics, including FinTech and blockchains.

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