Dream Builder Mentoring Program (DBMentor)

"Dream Big and Dare to Be Tested"

Make a Progress for your Startup in 3 Months


As the newcomers to business world, startup teams and their founders often do not possess previous business experience. In order to help them to go through this initial gap, HKUST Dream Builder Mentoring Program (DBMentor) brings together mentors who are experienced, seasoned and successful entrepreneurs in different fields from technological, manufacturing, product creation, marketing, law professionals, and others to help startup teams of HKUST to gain concrete and valuable knowledge and skills as well as network and resources in preparing their future development in entrepreneurship.  

In addition to the provision of mentoring support for deserving teams of DBMentor Program, the Entrepreneurship Center would provide channel, resources and assistance including venture financing where appropriate to help them to grow and success for creating their entrepreneurial future.

We hope under the consistent and long-term provision of mentoring and the channel of venture support to UST startups, startup teams and their founders can benefit from:

  • Cultivating innovation and entrepreneurial activities within HKUST community
  • Moving a step forward for having a fruitful harvest in their business development
  • Contributing their entrepreneurial success to the economic and social development of Hong Kong.

Enquiry: dbmentor@ust.hk

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