What is the Entrepreneur Batting Cage?

Entrepreneur Batting Cage is an event organized by the HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, with the objective of giving members of HKUST community an informal platform to:

Pitch your idea, Smack it out the park!

Want to be a Pitcher?

...who has ideas to share with others and in need of help, teammates or feedback?

Want to be a Batter?

...who wants to actively listen to entrepreneurship ideas for future reference?


During the commercialization of new technology, the word ‘impossible’ is no longer useful in our life. Microsoft is not ‘micro’, for this crazy idea has brought personal computers in every one’s house. When Facebook connects familiar or unfamiliar faces together, we know it is time for a miracle.

You, the pitcher, if not Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg, must have some brilliant ideas to share with others. How to make the first step to establish a business? How to translate your ideas to an attractive plan? How to search for your ideal team members? How to find out clients’ feedback on your concepts?

Not ready for a start-up yet? It is still a valuable opportunity for you, the batter, to listen and contribute to the entrepreneurship ideas for future reference. Maybe you are waiting for inspiration to generate an idea. Maybe you are just interested in finding someone who has an idea. Entrepreneur Batting Cage is where you can be one of the active audiences. We also welcome any impromptu pitches or sharing from the audiences after the pitches.

In Entrepreneur Batting Cage, all the followings are easily available:

Brief Rundown

Coffee Heaven: Mingle and get acquainted with people on a cup of coffee first

Pitching & Batting: Pitchers present ideas one by one, followed by a feedback session from batters

Networking Session: All can communicate and discuss with their own targets. Food and beverage are provided.

Walk-ins are welcomed. (Seats would be reserved for those who have registered)

For enquiry, please email: ecenter@ust.hk